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Dr. Dawe’s Tutorial Services
About Us

Dr. Dawe's Tutorial Services was started in 1973 and has run continuously since then. At present tuition is exclusively by Dr. Christopher Dawe who has first degrees covering Physics and Mathematics from The City University, a PhD research degree in Statistics from London University and successfully completed the pre-clinical course in Medicine at University College London.

He has taught successfully at the top-ranking Henrietta Barnett School in London and ran a chain of tutorial centres in London before moving to the Canterbury/Ashford area. On occasion he still refers students to other tutors when he does not cover the requested subject or is too heavily booked.
Dr Dawe has written a number of books, including the ground-breaking 'Models for Genetics' with Professor Wolfgang Balzer of Universitaat Munchen and 'Prolog' with his elder son Martin.

Dr. Dawe has other business interests including his scientific and industrial consultancy work and he has patents on an electronic display device. He has been married for 35years and lives in Petham, half way between Ashford and Canterbury. He has two sons; the older is the CEO for a multi-national software company and the younger one has just finished his Physics PhD at Imperial College London.

More generally, before turning to his present career Dr. Dawe or 'Chris Dors', as he was then, was an artiste with a major record label as well as a song-writer and record producer. He is able to play a number of musical instruments.



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